Newsletter March 2021

Dear friends,

Time goes fast and Christmas and New Year holidays are behind us. After a few weeks off, the team at Sunflower started working again in early January.  For all of us, it was a different Christmas holiday with many days we had to spend alone at home. To keep in touch with each other so that no one would feel alone, we started a Facebook group, where many funny and encouraging messages were sent between us. This was much appreciated among the team.

Our Christmas party took place in  Sunflower Design where we helped to cook and set the table nicely. The joy of Christmas was there. THANK YOU to those who sent us an extra gift so we could make a nice party with food and Christmas gifts. It is important and valuable to feel a sense of belonging and joy.

We look back on the year behind us with great gratitude. The year behind us has been a year of struggling. But, with help from many of you, we have been able to work our way through this period in a fantastic way. Through your support, we have been able to continue sewing sheets and other necessary products to other organizations that need help. We continue to do this now.. We have now established another contact with an organization that works with Roma families and with girls who have fallen victims to trafficking.

It was not possible to do our yearly tour last year in Sweden in November, because of the pandemic. Despite this, we were able to sell in different ways. Some friends helped us to sell locally in Sweden, England and Norway. It was also possible to sell in smaller groups in Korskyrkan in Mölndal, Sweden, where we could have all the products on tables during the whole of December. Its amazing how we all could work together in different ways in a difficult time.

We try to seek and find sales opportunities in Romania in the hope of inspiring people to place orders that will give us an income. Two important days are  The Valentine’s Day and  The International Women’s Day.

After years of using and repairing very old household sewing machines, it became necessary for us to replace and buy a new one. The machines have been used many years in schools in Sweden before we got them and afterwards we used them another 10-15 years. In order to make nice things of high quality we bought a new sewing machine which matches our purpose, and a professional iron as well. We give thanks to Korskyrkan in Mölndal for the support to make it possible.

Our plan is now to get started with the renovation in our rooms in Sunflower. It has not been done for many years. That’s what we really need. Getting to work in a  pleasant environment is important.

Remus has worked for 10 years at Sunflower Design on February 14th and we celebrated that! Mari sat down  and had a talk with Remus about work. You can read what was said as follow:

M: How long have you been working at Sunflower Design? 

R: 10 years. I have been late  to work twice. But then I took a taxi because I did not want to miss work

 M: When do you get up in the morning to be on time for work? 

R: At 05:00 

M: What is the best thing about the job? 

R: It is a nice atmosphere, peaceful and I can listen to Christian radio in my room. We also have good leaders. 

M: What do you remember in any special way from work that made you happy? 

R: When Gabriela worked with us as a leader. She was always happy and encouraging. 

At Sunflower Design, we are happy and grateful to have Remus in our team. He is the only man among  all ladies! 

You can help Sunflower Design by giving support for us to make:

*  Covers, pillowcases and bed sheets for the Ministry in Dumbrava. Or to the 100 Roma families who receive help through another organization.

*Bedding for girls who have fallen victim to trafficking

* Jumpers for our children in the Caminul Felix Villages

* Jumpers for children who need help

* For renovation or our facilities

At the end we would like to offer you the newsletter as email instead.  Please inform us and send your email address if you are interested. Already now you can sign up for the newsletter in English on our website.

God Bless you all,

Greetings from the whole team at Sunflower Design