Newsletter June 2021

Dear friends,

Summer is here with sun and lovely weather.  We are happy and looking forward to a nice summer with holidays waiting. We hope that you will find time for rest and relaxation. The good news is for all of us that after a long time of Covid 19, everything now looks to be easier. The news in Romania is that fewer and fewer people are being infected or hospitalized. 

Wetbags – perfect tp keep the wet cloth after the beach 7€

 With wonder, we see how Sunflower Design has managed through this long time without anyone being infected. The work has gone at full capacity through the fine team of leaders and workers who are on site. 

Thank you also to all of you who so faithfully continue to support the work financially by shopping, ordering or sending in a donation. You should know that it means a lot. 

We hope that we will soon be able to receive guests and teams to Caminul Felix so we can welcome visitors to our gift shop. We need that! 

Let’s share a little about what’s happened since we wrote our last newsletter. 

One of our fine employees who has been with us for many years decided to quit her job at Sunflower Design to take up a new job. We are grateful for the years Miha has been in the team she has delighted us all with her beautiful smile. Now we wish her good luck in the future. 

Lisa moved back to Sweden with Lars after 30 years of service in Romania. Sunflower Design was a project she started 25 years ago. Lisa will continue to work and provide support from Sweden and we are grateful for her vision and support.  

In spring we joined a new project in Mölndal, Sweden. We made bedding and children’s clothing for people who need economic and social support. The products were given out from a diaconal group in a church, who work with people who need social support. The project continues and if anybody would like to support with a donation it would be very welcome. With the money you donate, you support both a job for our team and support people in need in the project in Mölndal. The donated money is used to make the products which are then given away to those who need support. Double support – double happiness. 

We also continue with the project making bedding for children in Caminul Felix. If  you want us to make new bedding for a child you support or to give another child in Caminul Felix, we can make it. The price for bedding is 22€ including a pillowcase. Our goal is to make 2 sets of bedding for each family, totalling 32 pieces. 

In previous years, we have offered you the opportunity to send an extra gift for the team at Sunflower to have some extra fun for the summer, before they start taking their vacations. If you see an opportunity to give a gift for this purpose, feel free to send it to Sunflower Design.  Please mark your gift with the message: “Summer gift for Sunflower”. 

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and our website to keep up to date. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any requests. The products can be shipped from Romania and Sweden. For our Swedish friends it is easy for you to make a donation by Swish. 

Practical bag for the bike basket

We want to remind you of the opportunity to get our newsletter on email. You can sign up on our facebook to get it on email in English or send an email to let us know.  In this way you will be making a contribution to reducing the substantial cost of postage. 

We want to wish you a really nice summer and vacation.

Thank you all for support and prayers for our team. 

Greetings from the whole team Sunflower Design