Newsletter October 2022

Dear friends,

We have been back some weeks, from our summer holidays and are still enjoying the warm and beautifully coloured Autumn. The celebrating of the 30th Anniversary of Caminul Felix just passed and we had the opportunity to meet many friends and sell our products. Sunflower Design was open on the Saturday afternoon for this occasion.

Lately, we have been working in order to sell at a market in the city centre. We are there every Thursday afternoon together with other people, who mostly sell vegetables, fruit and flowers which are in season. It’s a great opportunity to find new customers.

We also have a big order from a new customer, to make dresses for ladies and girls from Maramures, a beautiful area in northern Romania. People there wear traditional colourful dresses of that region, and it’s good business to sell to tourists who visit Maramures as well.

Among all this, we started to buy fabric and make products for Christmas, and now is the time to think about Christmas gifts. We welcome you, to order gifts for family, friends or even your company!

We can look back on a long time that had many challenges, as Covid 19 hit us all. In all that happened. we can still see that with hard work we could manage and keep the work and team going.
In Romania new ways opened up to get more opportunities for selling. In Sweden Catarina was selling and took orders. It is a blessing to see how the leaders from Sunflower have been open to find new ways to reach out to people and it has been successful. We hope and pray it will continue in the same way this fall.

We wish you all a nice Autumn!
Greetings from the whole team at Sunflower Design