Newsletter March 2023

Dear Friends,                

   The first weeks after Christmas and New Years holiday has passed and we have had an unusual start to the year.  It became a busy time with many orders both in Romania and in Sweden.  For Sweden we had orders for around 90 aprons, specially made for pottery making, and more orders will come.  The aprons are made in a special impregnated fabric and match the purpose well.  In Romania we made many bags and specially designed hats for the veterinary school in Cluj-Napoca.

In October some of our friends from England came back, following the years of the pandemic when it was hard to travel.  They  joined the team for some weeks and were working with us.  Thank you David, Jeanette and Christine! 

 In November and December we had Christmas selling both in Romania and Sweden, and it was a blessed time for us.  Our friends in Norway and England were working hard as well for us at Christmas time. We hope many people were happy to receive Christmas gifts people bought from us.

the team in Sunflower Design we are glad that we can reach out and help other Ministries with some of their needs.  We have shared with you about the ministry in Dumbrava and also in Tinka.  Those places are in our neighbourhood.  They contacted us some weeks ago asking if we could make more bedding for them.  Their ministries are a blessing, helping old, lonely and ill people.  Often in their last days of life.  Due to the situation with their health their beds need to be changed every day, thus they wear out and need replacements.  We can make them, but we need help to pay the cost of the fabric.  We realise we have asked before, and we ask again, if it might be possible to give an extra donation?  The cost for a waterproof mattress cover is 10 euros.  This includes fabric, elastic, bandwidth, and workmanship.  Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

In Romania we had a mild winter, but now in February the cold is intense with minus degrees.  We are thankful that in Sunflower it is warm,  pleasant, and we can work in optimal conditions.  

We are also thankful for receiving nice and useful fabric from Sweden.  We have this contact from friends in  Trollhattan,  Sweden.

The team is doing well, but is missing our colleague, Remus.  He had surgery in December and he needs to recover now.  We are in  touch with him, and he says he misses work, as he is very devoted to his service.  We hope he will be back to work in March.

Thank you all for your support in different ways, and your prayers.

Greetings from the team at Sunflower Design.