The first aim of Sunflower Design is to provide jobs and practical education in sewing, and other crafts to the young people growing up in the Caminul Felix family villages. Sunflower Design also gives opportunity for individual development and social support.

Here you can find unique, well done and specially designed products. The specialty products include: bags, aprons, kitchen accessories, dolls, toys, bathroom and household items. The studio is also available for custom, made-to-order products, orders for restaurants, companies or private customers.

Our products are handmade and are cut piece by piece. All products are therefore unique. We recycle material as well as buying from national factories and companies. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about orders, shipment, payment or anything else.

To buy a product from Sunflower Design, you are part of making difference in peopleĀ“s life.

Order your items embroidered

With our embroidery machine, we can make different embroidery designs and motifs, logo or just embroider a name, on products as jumpers, caps, aprons or caps.