Newsletter July 2022

Dear friends,
We have had many warm days already and it is just the beginning of the summer. We
will soon start to take our holidays. Some of us will go for a camp, some visit friends
and families or just relax at home. However we spend our holiday we shall have fun,
enjoy our time with friends and recharge our batteries for Autumn.
In April the first international group visited us, since covid started. We spent a good
time with some of the group, who wanted to help us in the work. They also bought
many things from the giftshop to take back home. We really miss those days with
groups coming and we hope more will come in Summer and Autumn.

A group of senior people from Romania visited our town, Oradea, this spring. They
were impressed by our products in the gift shop and they bought many beautiful
aprons as useful souvenirs. We are very happy and thankful that we received new and
nice fabric from some friends in Sweden. It made it possible to keep the prices lower
and at the same time make many more new things.

We continue to expand the team, taking new girls from Caminul Felix in our
workshop. Since May, Iulia Kiss is coming for training. She is 22 years old and she
grew up in the same family as Remus at Caminul Felix. She likes her colleagues and
enjoys the work and being busy. She is a happy girl and we can see her smiling almost
all the time. She has just started to do the first stitches with the sewing machine, but
needs much more practice and help from the team.

Mariana who left Sunflower some years ago, comes as a volunteer for 2 and half
hours every day, too. She loves Sunflower!
A part of the team is currently working for a need in Noble House. Thanks to a
Swedish sponsor who made a donation for Ukrainian refugees, we have been able to
buy fabric for sheets. These will serve to accommodate the refugees in the hotel.

Thank you all for support for our ministry and for the Ukrainian refugees. Together
we can make a difference!!
We wish you a restful and warm summer!
Many greetings from the whole team at Sunflower Design.