Newsletter June 2018

Dear friends, 

It is a pleasure again to share our thoughts, plans and our challenges for this summer. Like usual it seems it will be a very hot summer in Oradea, so we decided to buy some sun protection to cover the windows. We like our team to work in good conditions.

Now is the time when the fields start turning into a beautiful yellow color as the Sunflowers are in blossom. It was the Sunflower fields that gave us the name Sunflower Design. For many years our workshop has been functioning and providing jobs for many young adults from Caminul Felix. Some have been with us for some time and later moved to other work places. Others have stayed for many years, and new ones moved in and have become part of the team.

During the spring we have been working with some orders, smaller and bigger. We have also made some new products as you can see on the pictures. Don’t hesitate if you want to buy or order any of our products. We can for example make personal design on our embroidery machine on towels, bags or caps. If you need a special birthday  gift for someone in your family or one of your friends, here is the place to order and make it personal. We are also working on our knitting machine, making ponchos in pure wool and   with different patterns. One of our specialities is to recycle. We have during recent times made different things of old and damaged denim. It is amazing how something broken can be something completely new. 

We are thankful to you who are there with help and support in many ways.  We work hard to find products and designs that you our clients like to buy from us. Romania has improved in many ways and it is now easier for us to buy fabrics in Romania. Still, we are thankful to you if you see and are able to send us fabrics that we can use or other things that are needed in a sewing workshop.

If anybody would like to buy bedding or pajamas for a child in Caminul Felix or to the home for homeless people in Dumbrava, you are welcome to order from us and we will deliver it. The bedding costs 14€ and pajamas for a child 10€. We have together made many people happy with this project.

It is summer and our team starts to take their vacations. They need it and they love it. The salaries are not so high so they can not do too much. That is why we are asking you if it  would it be possible for you to send an extra gift to Sunflower so we can do  something nice together with the team one day. It would be much appreciated. You can write `summer gift´ when you send your donation and we will make sure that all will be happy and have a great day.

We wish you a nice summer!

Many greetings from the whole team at Sunflower Design