Newsletter June 2020

Dear friends,

It is time to send you greetings from Sunflower Design and we do that with great joy and happiness, even if things around us seem to be chaotic with the corona virus, and we know that all of you are in the same situation.

We could not imagine that it should hit Romania as hard as it did. We could work as we used to do until Easter time, when directives came from the government as to how we should continue.  Delia who is living outside Oradea and travels everyday on bus and tram was asked to work from home. Andrea and Remus were also asked to stay at home, leaving Miha, Ana, Mari and Estera. 


As many workplaces and shops were closing down, and people were out of jobs we became worried  about our place. What shall we do? Who will buy or order things now?  What will happen? In Caminul Felix many of our guests and visitors who were supposed to come cancelled their trips and we lost them as shoppers in our gift-shop.

Then, came a phone call to Mari: Can, you make some face masks for us?  From that day we have been able to make around 2000 face masks and more will be done. For us it has been a miracle to get those many orders as it has given us an income.

In Sunflower Design one of our goals is to reach other Ministries. And we have been able to do that this time too. We wrote a request of help with support on facebook and many of you responded and sent a gift. Thank you for doing that! You have been a blessing to many people, and so to Sunflower Design. I will share one response we got from one of our friends who responded to our call of help:

Elder Orphan Care’s mission is to “bring hope and help to older adults in need.” And the help that God allows us to provide is of a practical nature, which is where our partnership with Sunflower Design Romania becomes a perfect fit! EOC is based in the US. And our teams usually travel to Romania twice each year to visit over 500 elderly and frail being cared for by our ministry partners. For a time we were shipping, or bringing with us, lots of stretch-top pants and bedding, like sheets and pillowcases, etc. One day it became clear: why not instead collaborate with our good friends at Sunflower Design, based right next to where our teams stay at the Noble House at Caminul Felix? It would be a “win-win”! Elder Orphan Care gives money to them, which provides jobs and salaries, and then they create needed items, which then are given to the elderly and frail! The pandemic has caused EOC to cancel some trips to Romania, but we continue to send funds, including money sent to Sunflower Design for the creation of masks. Over the past few years our friendship and partnership with the wonderful people at Sunflower Design has deepened.  We thank God for each of them!

Greetings from Kim Jackson

I have planted some Sunflower seeds at home. I looked in the dictionary about the Sunflower. I was  amazed and happy when I read that Sunflower is a symbol of God´s love. It is also a symbol of the sun. The yellow colour is a symbol of energy. It told me that this in some ways reflects the whole team in Sunflower, and all of you too!

We wish you all the best and pray that you all shall stay healthy. We will continue to work and support and help as many as we can around us as we know it still will continue to be a time of many challenges. Thank you for standing at our side and if you see a way to send an extra gift to us would be wonderful.

Tea towels 3€, small wetbag 5€, teddybears 7€,  hand made dish cloth in Bamboo/cotton 6€

Please, feel free to contact us to let us know how you can support us, bearing in mind that because without visitors to our shop, income has drastically reduced.

God bless from the Sunflower Team/

Large wetbag 7€, tea towels 3€, sailingbag 25€