Newsletter October 2019

Dear friends and supporters,

Warm greetings from the Sunflower Design team. Now it is time to send a report from us about the work. When we wrote the last letter, summer was coming, and now autumn is already here. With autumn comes many activities and orders for us. We like that and  we are looking forward to it. We need all these sales opportunities to raise money for Sunflower Design. For a couple of years now we have seen how our sales have increased in Romania and we are grateful for that, as we need to enter the Romanian market and make ourselves known. Of course, we also have many happy visitors who visited us and bought things in our gift shop, others made orders and shopped that way.

We would like to thank all of you who responded to our desire for extra support for the team to make something extra fun this summer. The response from you gave us many happy moments for which we are very grateful. There was a great atmosphere in the team that day when Mari said “Now you can put your things together and take what you need to leave Sunflower for a little while”. The excitement was great and there were many questions about what we would do. The goal was a newly opened cafĂ© in Oradea. It is difficult to describe in words the joy of the team when they were asked to order what they wanted from pastries or ice cream. One of the girls said she had never been to a cafe before and this was something special. What nice memories you gave the team! Thanks!

Many visitors have been to see us. Some have worked with us for one or more days. Many have come back to us year after year and become nice and important friends to us. They go home with their suitcases full of Sunflower items which they then sell for us.  These visitors and each of you are all important ambassadors for Sunflower and we need you.

A great sales success for us has been to sew bed-sets in different colors and qualities. We had many orders this summer.

Sometimes we get asked how you can help? What do you need? Here is something:

We work with an organization in our area that works to bring in and provide space for lonely, sick, homeless people who have nowhere to go. The man leading this work is doing incredible work that Romanian society cannot do. Many hundreds of people have received, and live their last days in, an environment of warmth and care. At Sunflower we receive orders and produce sheets, pajamas and other things they need. Here you can make a contribution and thus support Sunflower Design and  housing for the elderly and homeless. For many of them, it may be the first time to go to bed and sleep in clean sheets and with warm and comfortable pajamas,

Write: `Pajamas and sheets’ on the message if you decide to give a gift for this.

If you are celebrating yours or a friends birthday you can do so with a gift to Sunflower Design, or order a special designed gift from us.

We have now started to prepare for different Christmas sales, both in Oradea and abroad. We hope it will be a successful event this year. You can also take the opportunity to order your Christmas gifts from us. Some examples are bedding, towels with embroidery, knitted ponchos in pure wool and baby’s and children’s clothing.

Our website is now updated. There you can sign up to get news online. www.sunflowerdesign.ro. Share and follow us also on Instagram (sfdro) and on Facebook (Sunflower Design Romania) With more followers, the more we reach!

We wish you all God’s rich blessings!

Many greetings from the whole team at Sunflower Design